About Us

ELKAT Fishing Australia

ELKAT FISHING AUSTRALIA is the latest in tackle manufacturing. Established in August 2013, ELKAT prides itself on Innovation, Design, and Quality.

Based in Sydney Australia, products are designed by fishermen for fishermen to suit Australian conditions. Fishing with ELKAT products will help you increase your catch and assist you in catching that once in a lifetime fish.



About the Company

Premium quality since 2013

Through Innovation and Design ELKAT proudly manufactures a great selection of ganged hooks including the STRIKER 7 GANGS, FLASHING GANG HOOKS, and ELKAT GANGS. The first of its kind, the Flashing Gang Hooks combine traditional gang hooks with the effectiveness of tied flashing material (fly). The glittering effects of the fly together with the smell of the bait gives extra effectiveness to attract the fish.

The STRIKER 7 FLASHERS hook is another new and exciting product. The Strongest flasher hook on the market, Chemically sharpened Korean Live Bait Hook with tied flashing material. Quality is assured and are available in six fish attracting colours. Perfect for DIY rigs they offer anglers great value for money with 4 hooks per pack.

The STRIKER 7 FLASHERS hooks are best used bottom bouncing or reef fishing and are effective at all depth levels. They are also suitable with a paternoster rig beach fishing or rock fishing. Use bait for best results.

ELKAT FISHING AUSTRALIA’S mission is to deliver high quality fishing tackle at an affordable price.